Sunday, September 30, 2007

113B Painting Studies

Decorated Egg -- Ninja Turtle Represent!

3 Egg Study

Object Painting from Desert Environment

* I never knew how difficult painting a rock would be. I looked up tuturiols online to try and get some help and only found one -- thank goodness there was one. *wipes brow* The varieties of color and little speckles of light that hits the edges of rocks is very difficult to paint efficiently. This painting is to help me with my final environment painting for a dersert composition I will be creating later in the semester

Tree Time

Finally posting some stuff up --- Steph got on my case.... so here you all go :)

These were some tree studies. I shocked to hard drawing trees are. There are so many techniques that you have to learn to able to draw trees correctly. I need to practice more for sure.