Monday, December 8, 2008

Street Painting 2006/2007/2008

I've been a participant in the Italian Street Painting Festival since 1999-Present. Below is the past three years of work I produced to raise money for children to have after-school art programs. Below is some of chalk pieces I created. Each composition is 6ft x 8ft.
(copyrights to original artists for his/her artwork)




Saturday, December 6, 2008

Powerhouse Web Designs

Contracted Freelance Job - Web Design Graphics (Shop Ad, Animated Banner, Forum Ad)
Powerhouse wanted very simplistic designs with a straightforward appearance. Edited (in PhotoshopCS) purchased photography from to create these final designs.

Visit Powerhouse's website to view final designs on their website.

Crew of You

Barron Storey has an assignment in his class where you are to create characters, a story, build a set and a final illustration. These characters were supposed to represent insecurities from your own personal life. This assignment was very exciting and really made me think out of the box. I was involved every step of the way!

Setting: Run down "freak" circus city.

Characters (shown below): Element character Water (represents love, caring), Wanderer (Dwarf - who lives in the forest, does not have any friends, anti-social), Gazelle (Animal creature - who is half human half animal, always gets preyed upon).

Rough Character Poses & Expressions

Here are some rough character poses and expressions for my final 30 second animated film. These were created for a school assignment in SJSU's 115 animation course (Spring 2008)

My film revolves around the idea of a little girl at the beach who battles the ocean. She is determined to beat the ocean and build a sand castle near the ocean's edge. However, the conflict is when the ocean keeps washing her sand castle away. She tries to out-smart the ocean by building a wall in front of her cherished sand castle. Unfortunately, in her triumph over the ocean, she jumps around so excited not watching her feet stomp all over her sand castled *cries*

Character Personality: Spunky, Hard-headed, Determined, Driven, Aggressive, Spoiled, Loud.

Graphics Continued

Korean Pop Musician T-shirt Design "Lee MinWoo." (created in 2005, Illustrator10)

Party Invitation Design. School assignment at Expression College for Digital Arts.
(created 2005, Illustrator10)

Personal Project - Photo editing practice. (created 2006/2007, PhotoshopCS)


Here are a few graphics made for's website, personal t-shirt designs, and computer illustration class assignments. (created 2005-2007)

programs used: Illustrator10 & PhotoshopCS